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The Detroit Lubricator Company made a wide range of lubricating technology for steam engines, large agricultural steam engines, and for a very short period of time, a steam cylincer lubricator for late model Stanley Steam Cars.

Detroit Lubricator Company, Advertising Cover, January 5, 1987, Front Detroit Lubricator Company, Advertising Cover, January 5, 1987, Reverse

This wonderful advertising cover dates from 1897,just as the Stanley Brothers were entering the steam car market. While it has nothing to do with steam cars, it is a delightful piece of late 19th century advertising.


Detroit Lubricator Company Trade Catalogue, 1921, Catalogue # 43. Only selected pages are attached. These show the general models as used on 1925 - 1926 Stanley steam cars.

Detroit Lubricator Tag, 1925 - 1926 Stanley Steam Car

This is the tag from the Detroit Lubricator that came with a 1925 - 1926 Stanley SV.

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