Grout Brothers Automobile Company

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The Grout Brothers made their first motor vehicle in 1896, a heavy motor wagon weighing 3,000 pounds, seating two people, and powered by a 2-cycle, water-cooled gasoline engine consisting of two opposed cylinders 6 x 7 inches. "The drive was belts first and V-grooved friction wheels afterwards. The motor was abundantly powerful, but the transmission was poor and their great weight of the cars was against them." They sold about a dozen of these vehicles in 1897, 1898, and 1899.

In 1899, the Grout Brothers "began on steam cars and sold their first steam car in 1900." Grout Brothers sold their steamers through 1906, but were continuing to develop a gasoline engine car.

In 1904 Grout Brothers decided to abandon steam cars and move to gasoline engines only.  They apparently offered gasoline and steam cars in 1905 and 1906 before going completely to gasoline cars in 1907.

Dolnar, Hugh, "The Grout Brothers 1907 Touring Car," Cycle and Automobile Trade Journal, (1907, p. 110). This small advertisement appeared in the Scientific American of May 17, 1902, Vol. LXXXVI, No. 20, page 358.

An Early Grout Catalogue from the Orange, MA Public Library. A Later Grout Catalogue from the Orange, MA Public Library.

This advertisement exists as two separate sheets. I thought it was a postcard, but it is not. The paper is very thin and appears to be a copy of an original card. It may have been an advertisement designed to be mailed.

This Grout Bros advertising cover and letter included a contract with Mr. Chas. H. Walker of Chester, Vermont to sell Grout Steam Cars. It is dated March 14, 1903 and was mailed on March 16, 1903.

A 1904 Grout. Owner Unknown.

This catalogue carries endorsement letters dated late 1902, suggesting these cars are for the 1903 season. Click on the image to see the entire catalogue.

Grout Steamer advertisement from The National Magazine, May and June 1905, no page numbers.

Grout Steamer advertisement dated 1905, no source. Solar Motor Lamp advertisement on the reverse.

Grout Steamer article from Cycle & Automobile magazine, January 1, 1907, p. 110.

The Grout Bros Automobile Factory.  This postcard is postmarked Orange, Mass, December 17, 1908. The car appears to be Grout's gasoline version.

Grout 1899 1912

Grout Bros., Orange, MA  1899 1903 Grout Bros. Automobile Co., Orange, MA 1903 1908 Grout Automobile Co., Orange, MA 1908 1912 The Grout company began manufacture with a typical light steam buggy with a 2-cylinder 4 hp engine and single chain drive. An unusual model was the New Home Coupe, a completely enclosed coupe on a very short wheel base, which looked like a mobile sentry box. From about 1903 the steamers began to look more like ordinary cars, although the hood was circular and had a single headlight mounted in the center, locomotive style. One model continued the locomotive appearance with an enormous cow catcher to ask as a bumper. The last steamer, a 12 hp 2-cylinder model, appeared in 1905, and a year earlier the company had introduced a gasoline-engined car with a 30 hp 4-cylinder engine and shaft drive. Few of these were made as the company was often in financial difficulties from 1905 onwards. Georgano, G. N., Encyclopedia of American Automobile, (New York, E. P. Dutton & Co., 1968), p. 92.

This Grout was offered at Hershey in October 2009.

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